Free E-waste events are a fantastic opportunity for organizations to make money.

What we need from you to hold an event ?

1. A centrally located location. You will need sufficient size venue, in a central location, as determined by agents of Universal Waste Management. Events are usually held at high schools and businesses to utilize ample parking space.
2. Six to Twelve volunteers. Volunteers are needed in order to properly facilitate traffic management, E-waste collection and clean up activities.
3. Marketing. This can be accomplished through distribution of flyers, advertisements on billboards, or notification to residents through state-sanctioned mailings such as utility bills.

If you are interested in a fundraiser please call Kathleen at 925-383-3457.

Fundraising Events

Saturday 5/16/10 from 10am - 4pm.
Computer Sales & Service, 1936 Linda Drive, Pleasant Hill (behind Caspers on Contra Costa Blvd.)

Benefiting: Jeremy Bedig in his campaign for COTA

Saturday 5/22/10 from 9am - 5pm.
Bayfair Center Parking Lot, 15555 E. 14th Street, San Leandro, CA

Benefiting: The Verterans & The Cancer Society

Saturday 6/6/10 from 9am - 5pm.
Strandwood Elementary 416 Gladys Dr. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Benefiting: Strandwood Elementary